"My expectations were more than fulfilled - this laser changed my vision completely."

17th May 2021

"My expectations were more than fulfilled - this laser changed my vision completely."

At the beginning of the year, the Hamburg Towers basketball player Prince Ibeh, 25 years, decided to have a laser eye surgery at the EuroEyes clinic. We joined the basketball pro before, during and after the treatment.

Basketball and glasses? It doesn't match!

„I had not worn contact lenses since I was 15 years old, it’s been a long time. I‘ve never been comfortable touching my eyes and never had much improvement with contact lenses any ways.“ As a professional basketball player he can‘t wear glasses either. In addition, Prince Ibeh's vision changes from day to day, his visual acuity can even change hourly: „My vision is not the same every day. Sometimes I can't see details. It was simply time to change something. It’s something I‘ve been looking into for years. Especially with this pandemic going on I finally had time to do it. “

Prince Ibeh
 Prince Ibeh during his preliminary examination at the Hamburg EuroEyes Clinic

Prince Ibeh then visited the EuroEyes Eye Laser Clinic in Hamburg and underwent an initial consultation. The first step in becoming familiar with an eye correction is an initial consultation and examination. During this appointment, it is determined for which procedure the patient is suitable. In the case of Prince Ibeh it was the eye laser procedure Femto-LASIK. The LASIK method from EuroEyes is one of the most modern, safest and individual procedures for correcting myopia, farsightedness or astigmatism.

On the day of the treatment

„I felt a bit nervous, as I don‘t like touching my eyes. The idea of a laser in my eyes was a bit of nerve wracking but I think I will be fine. As long as my sight improves, it will be worth it. Going into the surgery I was a bit nervous, but they help me through it so it wasn‘t too bad. My expectations were more than fulfilled. This laser changed my vision completely. I can see great at distances, and I am more comfortable in everyday life and on the basketball court."

Success: After the operation Prince Ibeh can finally see sharply again!

What is Femto-Lasik?

EuroEyes uses the advanced eye laser procedure for the very individual correction of ametropia - without blades. Lasik has been a scientifically recognised and established procedure for the correction of defective vision for many years.

In order to correct defective vision with a Femto-Lasik, a small, round corneal flap must be prepared beforehand. The preparation of this corneal flap is done with a femto-laser using a femtosecond laser - completely without the use of mechanical cutting instruments.

About EuroEyes

The EuroEyes Clinic Group is a globally successful company that was founded 26 years ago in Hamburg and has its headquarters there until today. In addition to locations throughout Germany, EuroEyes is also represented in China and Denmark. The company offers patients the full range of refractive surgery for the correction of visual disorders. Using state-of-the-art eye laser and lens surgery procedures, EuroEyes treats more than 25,000 patients each year with nearsightednessfarsightednessastigmatismpresbyopia or cataract. The treatment enables the start of a life free of glasses and contact lenses without any impairment of visual quality.