New Record of Surgeries Performed in Q1 2021

2nd August 2022

New Record of Surgeries Performed in Q1 2021

It has been more than one year since COVID-19 hit our peaceful life. It is challenging for each individual in the world to cope with the pandemic, especially medical professionals. EuroEyes had to face unprecedent pressure in 2020 when our operations in China, Germany and Denmark were partially suspended for different periods of time. Our clinics only fully resumed normal operations in the second quarter of 2020. We are grateful for all patients who trust us and support us along this path. We are also grateful to have professional EuroEyes staffs who devoted themselves to keep providing high standard medical services during the pandemic.

We Perform Record-breaking Number of Surgeries from Time to Time
However, notwithstanding the lingering impacts brought by COVID-19, EuroEyes has mapped out strategic deployment to look beyond the turbulence and made timely operational optimization. We have performed record-breaking number of surgeries from time to time. As we have announced, the total number of eye surgeries we performed during the three months ended 30 September 2020 was 6,013, which exceeded the corresponding period in 2019 of 4,902, representing an increase of approximately 22.7%.

We are greatly confident that EuroEyes will keep growing in a way of our “New normal” Q4/2020. During the three months ended 31 March 2021, the total number of eye surgeries performed by EuroEyes was 6,537, which exceeded the corresponding period in 2020 (being 4,301 eye surgeries), and the corresponding period in 2019 (being 4,666 eye surgeries), which represented an increase of approximately 52.0% and 40.1% respectively.

During the past year, we have strengthened our brand management, optimized our customer acquisition process, and strategically positioned ourselves in performing more lens surgeries. As EuroEyes deeply ploughs in the refractive surgery industry, we have built strong brand effects and word of mouth effects. Besides, with recent surge in consumer confidence in refractive surgery, there is a higher demand for all of our treatment services.

We See Further Growth Potential
As COVID-19 vaccination rolls out globally, we believe that the demand for our refractive surgeries will continue to increase. We will work tirelessly to provide patients with high-quality services, and continue to pursue our goal for ‘Nie wieder Brille!’ (No More Glasses).