Thank you for the trust in 2020

28th September 2021

Thank you for the trust in 2020

Thank you for the trust in 2020.

2020 was a special year with new and unprecedented challenges facing not only EuroEyes but society as a whole. We all had concerns and worries about the future.

This time last year I could not have predicted the organisational challenges we were all about to face in 2020 due to Covid-19. We found ourselves working in uncharted territory with lockdown and restriction of services that had us finding new ways of working together.           

NO Covid-19 infections

Naturally I am very proud to be the CEO of EuroEyes but now even more as we have had to date NO Covid-19 infections in any of our EuroEyes clinics worldwide. This has been insured by the hard work of our staff adhering strictly to our infection prevention and control guidelines.

More than 10.000 patients

Despite Covid-19 we are happy in 2020 helping more than 10.000 to become patients and to enjoy a life with perfect vision - our highest number ever in history. In 2021 we are continuing at full operative capacity performing our full range of services in all our clinics.

I sincerely THANK each of our patients who trusted EuroEyes and our services.

Best Wishes for 2021.