Toric lenses - Correcting irregularly shaped corneas for clear vision

29th September 2021

Toric lenses - Correcting irregularly shaped corneas for clear vision

Characteristics of Toric Lenses

Correcting irregularly shaped corneas for clear vision
Visual acuity is an important factor for patients. The possibility of correcting astigmatism using toric intraocular lenses during a cataract procedure is a great option for patients suffering from both conditions. Astigmatism is a refractive error like near- or farsightedness. This error is usually the result of an irregularly shaped cornea, which leads to light not being properly focused on the retina. It causes objects at different distances to appear skewed or distorted.

How Toric Lenses Correct Astigmatism

A toric lens is shaped in a certain way. The shape of toric lenses is significantly unlike other types of corrective lenses, as they feature two different curvatures.
The shape of toric lenses creates various refractive powers on the vertical and horizontal axis. The combination helps to focus all incoming light properly onto your retina to reduce or eliminate astigmatism.

How toric lenses are implanted in the eye

If you decide to have a toric IOL, the surgical procedure is slightly different to normal cataract surgery. It must be implanted in a very specific position in the eye, meaning:

  • Depending on the type of lens, just prior to cataract surgery, temporary markings may need to be placed on your cornea that identify the location of the most curved meridian.
  • During surgery, the toric IOL is implanted in your eye.
  • Once implanted, each toric lens is rotated until the markings are aligned with the markings on your cornea.

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