Trifocal lenses - the solution for a comfortable life without reading glasses

17th May 2021

Trifocal lenses - the solution for a comfortable life without reading glasses

Patients with presbyopia do not want to make any compromises and want to continue their active lifestyle. The simplest solution to be able to pursue everyday activities without glasses? Trifocal lenses!

Trifocal lens technology enables patients to enjoy unrestricted vision and a life without annoying glasses or contact lenses. Most patients suffering from presbyopia and cataract want to be able to move freely without having to worry about their visual aids. Daily activities such as reading, cooking, driving a car, sports or watching television should be able to be carried out without further obstacles.

A market research study conducted by Exevia Market Research Agency for CZM with more than 2.900 participants shows that independence from visual aids is extremely important for patients in most everyday activities - whether applying make-up, cooking and eating or indoor and outdoor sports.

Trifocal lenses - smaller than an almond

Trifocal lenses are made of synthetic and biocompatible material. The soft material is not recognized as a foreign object by the human immune system and is therefore perceived as the body's own. A regular lens measures approximately between 11 and 13 mm in diameter - a fraction of an almond. The implanted lens cannot be felt in the eye and is not perceived any differently than the own natural lens.

Sharp vision at all distances

In contrast to monofocal and bifocal lenses, trifocal lenses offer comfortable vision at all three distances - a serious advantage in everyday life. Whether at short, medium or long visual distances, patients no longer require additional visual aids.

Further advantages of trifocal lenses

  • Vision remains stable – you never have to wear glasses, contact lenses or progressive glasses again
  • Due to the well-tolerated material of the lens, it can remain in the eye permanently
  • Safe procedure: EuroEyes has implanted the most Zeiss trifocal lenses worldwide in 2019 for the fifth time in a row
  • Prevents cataract, no further operation necessary

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