UV light: How to find the perfect sunglasses

Nowadays, sunglasses are naturally part of the fashionable standard equipment when the sun is shining and the weather is nice. However, the focus should not be on the design or look of the sunglasses, but on the protection of the eyes. After all, eyes are our most important sensory organs, through them we receive most of our sensory impressions.

Why is sunlight harmful to the eyes?

Sunlight contains ultraviolet light. Light and especially UV light can damage all structures of the eye: At the cornea it can lead to flashes, the lens can become cloudy (cataracts) and the place of the sharpest vision, the macula, can wear out prematurely (macular degeneration).

What is really important with sunglasses?

A good pair of sunglasses should provide complete UV protection. Therefore, in addition to the CE seal of approval, the label "UV 100 %" or "UV 400" should be observed.  Don't be fooled: the degree of tinting says nothing about the level of UV protection. Deeply tinted lenses, for example, can only provide inadequate protection, while lighter lenses provide complete protection. The stronger the tint, the better the glare protection, but the lower the light transmission.

Sunglasses with a polarizing filter are suitable for protection against reflections from buildings, roads and water surfaces: Disturbing light reflections are faded out, contrasts are improved and colours are perceived more intensely.

The best sunglasses for you!

Another purchase criterion is the ideal fit. You should feel completely comfortable with the glasses, they should not press, fit too tightly or even slip. Individually adjustable spectacle frames allow a perfect fit. The required tinting level of the lenses is determined by the weather: the sunnier, the darker they should be tinted. Models with interchangeable lenses in different tint levels make the choice easier and ensure optimum sun protection in different light conditions. Sunglasses can usually be worn over contact lenses without any problems. People who suffer from dry eyes, have a high astigmatism or have difficulty tolerating contact lenses for other reasons need a different solution if they do not want to wear sunglasses with corrective lenses.

At EuroEyes we give you back your sharp vision with laser eye or lens surgery. And in doing so, we extend the choice of suitable sunglasses for more comfort and safety from the sun.

About EuroEyes

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